Dental X-Ray

I had another dental appointment at 7:45am to get a special panoramic x-ray of my teeth to isolate the problems.

They gave me a copy to give to the specialist, which they’ll hopefully be able to get me in to see later today:

Impacted lower wisdom teeth. Upper wisdom teeth tearing into my gums as well. The white around the teeth represents the protective ‘good stuff’. Notice that both bottom circles show areas where the darker stuff goes right to the edge of the teeth – cavity goodness therein. The front teeth are all fine even if my scan makes them look dark, it’s just those wisdom and molar buggers causing me grief.

Looks like all four wisdoms gotta go and one of my molars will need either a cap or a root canal. That’s the effect of artist-quality lifestyle and ignorance right there, folks.

In the long run it’ll probably fix the odd bad breath bout and other teeth aches too.

More info when I know more. My work schedule will be hosed and pain killers will be my friend, but it’s gotta get done. Off to the college to do admin work and get as much lecturing done as I can before this dental roller coaster kicks into gear.

Thanks to everyone who posted or e-mailed well wishes after yesterday’s craziness.

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