I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

Leaving the college early in blinding jaw pain (see previous post), I stumbled to the car parking complex trying to think of what I could eat to tame the stomach beast that was going nuts. Walking towards my car, right before my eyes, a car pulls into the empty space beside mine at an angle that just looked ‘wrong’ and promptly scrapes the right-hand rear side of my car with a crunch and drag that echoes along the cement floors and walls. Right before my eyes! Today of all days!

I wasn’t even angry. The pain was so intense in my face that I just shook my head. The young girl driving looked at it aghast, looked at me to confirm that it was indeed my vehicle and then started shaking and quivering her lip ready to cry.

“My boyfriend’s gonna kill me. It’s his car.”

Looking closer, I was surprised that even with such an awful sound my car looked unharmed physically beyond scraped paint. We exchanged info and I told her I’d get a quote on the paint job. We’ll keep insurance companies out of this and just deal with it directly. Driving home, every heartbeat sent a ripple of pain through my gums. Mouth open, mouth closed, there’s no good position or relief.

Home now, choked down some soup and have an appointment at the dental office nearby for 6:30pm. Coverage or no, I need to at least find out what’s possible and get a prescription for some juicy pain killers until a surgery date or something. I’m having trouble reading e-mails or thinking straight as it throbs.

Wish me luck. Today’s apparently not my day.

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