Dad the Nerd

I had a fantastic visit with my parents on Friday/Saturday. We finished up their Christmas shopping, had a nice dinner out, chatted out family Christmas traditions and how the year went.

When we got back to my apartment, I showed Dad the new Nintendo. I’ve heard about all kinds of people getting their family members hooked on Wii Sports and I’m a firm believer in what Nintendo’s doing with this console release, but seeing it first hand was still quite amazing. Dad really enjoyed Bowling, Tennis, Baseball and Golf. He tried some mini games in Rayman and enjoyed those too. We were both laughing and having a blastthe whole time. Before this, the only video games he liked at all were Tetris and Bookworm – now he’s bugging my Mom wanting to come back and visit again. Very cool.

I also showed Dad episodes of Heroes and got him horribly hooked. As they were leaving I joked that he was a full blown nerd coming out of his normal guy shell and that I’d have him reading comic books and playing D&D in no time.

I’m just finishing packing up my things for staying at my Grandma’s for the next two days for Christmas celebration. I hope every one has a great time and gets a chance to see their friends and family.

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