Christmas and Video Gameage

Christmas went well. It was a nice visit with family – great food and wonderful company. The yearly traditions we have in the family around Christmas have become familiar and comforting. With my brother and cousin’s kids now in the mix the holiday meals are bigger than ever and it’s clear we’re all getting older but not necessarily in a bad way. Being able to slow things down and visit with the family as the year ends is something I never want to take for granted even though it happens every year.

Mom and Dad got me a lot of domestic stuff – tea towels, kitchen knives, that kind of thing. I know they wanted me to start looking for a house this year but my head and heart wasn’t really ready for it. Now that the book’s out and breaking even and work is stable at the studio and college I can concentrate money on the house possibilities here in Toronto and really dig in to the search. It’s a big step but I think I’m finally ready for it.

Relaxing at the apartment has been nice. I’ve been digging in to video games here in a major way and finally playing some games I’ve had here but never even cracked open until now.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess- The game is super solid. Great gameplay and a really well-tuned difficulty setting; Not frustrating but also not too easy either. I’m slowly working my way through it and savoring each part rather than just blasting from area to area.

Okami- This game was a Christmas present from Capcom and I finally tried it last night. Wow! Okami’s incredible! The art style is stunning and the story and gameplay are incredibly engrossing. This is easily one of the best games I’ve played on the PS2, right up there with Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Even though the Wii has been grabbing my attention for weeks this game will easily keep my PS2 from gathering dust.

Elite Beat Agents- IGN gave this their DS Game of the Year award and considering the amazing titles released for DS in 2006 that’s pretty high praise. After trying it I can see how addictive it can be. The ridiculous storyline set against an ingeniously simple-to-learn-but-hard-to-master play style completely kicks ass. After doing the tutorial mode I was a bit skeptical but once it got rolling I was hooked. If you have a Nintendo DS you should try this title with your headphones securely in place and your groove in check. I can’t wait to play it with other people on wireless multiplayer.

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