Christmas Shopping Woes

Not Me: We’ve started doing a Secret Santa thing on my Dad’s side of the family which reduced the number of gifts by four but this year all my Mom’s family is showing up which adds… four people to buy for.

Zub: Heh, that’s ironic. It’s always easier when people have a past time they love or some hobby you can buy around.

Not Me: Yeah, but these out of the blue people are the ones I’m gonna struggle with because I don’t know them very well.

Zub: Okay, then you must DECIDE upon a fictional past time for them, whether they do it or not. Cousin George now LOVES GOLF, PERIOD.

Not Me: I like it!

Zub: Uncle Marty loves porn, Auntie Helga drinks too much coffee, etc. Get them a similar themed card to go with the gift too.

Not Me: Sweet.

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