Champions #6 Reviews

Beyond the Panel: 8/10 “…a strong reminder of what we should always come to expect when this global team tackles a global threat. It’s not just about beating the bad guys.”

Black Nerd Problems: 8/10 “…while the book has taken a more serious tone, it’s for the better. The team feels more cohesive and still remains one of the best teams in the current Marvel universe.”

Caped-Joel: 7.5/10 “Another fun one-and-done War of the Realms tie-in that works that much harder to also try and weave story threads from what is also going on in the main book.”

Chillmonger: 10/10 “This book is fire, especially considering it’s a tie-in.”

Comic 10/10 “Zub continues to weave a masterful tale of teamwork and guilt and brings everything back around to the Champions we know and love by the final pages. Every member of this team remains interesting, their relationships even more so.”

Comic Book University: “If Jim Zub is going to write a tie-in book, he’s going to make sure the tie-in matters to the book itself.”

Major Spoilers: “This issue pulls off the difficult trick of continuing the ongoing story lines of the comic while tying in to the big crossover madness”

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