Champions #5 Reviews

Black Nerd Problems: 9/10 “Zub uses Cyclops’ presence to ground the idea that despite everything, the Champions do important work. It’s incredibly heartfelt, and what makes the Champions such a great team.”

Comic 10/10 “This book soars on every level, mixing true human emotion with all of the fun and action you expect from a superhero comic series…I don’t know if I can love this book more.”

Comic Book Resources: “Once Cyclops explained his somewhat convoluted time loop, Kamala embraced her old friend. This moment not only drives home how important the teenage X-Men’s stories are to modern Marvel continuity, it humanizes Scott in a way we haven’t seen in ages.”

Comic Book University: “A really good issue. It is a War of the Realms tie-in, but in typical Zub fashion, he makes it count for the characters as well.”

Comics Beat: “Champions has quietly became one of Marvel’s best titles. Writer Jim Zub and artist Steven Cummings have put forth fantastic work on the current run of the series, doing big things with Marvel’s team of young heroes and telling intense character-driven stories with the team’s core membership”

Hayden Claire Heroes: 8/10 “Probably the best issue of this series so far and definitely one of the best War of the Realms tie-in.”

Multiversity Comics: 8/10 “Champions #5 proves that an event comic tie-in can not only progress the story of the individual series and the event but also have a lot of heart.”

Weird Science Marvel Comics: 7.8/10 “This is easily the standout issue of the series so far, and it clicks nicely with the other events in the Marvel universe at the moment.”

You Don’t Read Comics: “The issue is also remarkably positive and lighthearted, despite dealing with a potential apocalypse and personal drama. This is pretty rare in modern hero comics and feels like a breath of fresh air.”

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