Champions #26 Reviews

Black Nerd Problems: 8.5/10 “I always praise the art in Champions for always nailing the look of each heroes powers on the page. Max Dunbar does an amazing job working off of Jim Zub’s story.”

Comic 10/10 “The wild character designs for the new versions of the Champions are absolutely stunning, not to mention a ton of fun. “

Comic Book University: “Consistently one of the best books on the market.”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.5/10 “The artwork once again blew me away. I love to use the world fantastical to describe the appeal of the art, but that doesn’t do it justice at this point. I felt truly engaged by the way that Max Dunbar and Nolan Woodard engage us with this medieval-fantasy style to Weirdworld and the way that these characters have adapted to that setting.”

Shoot The Breeze: “I’m on the edge of my seat awaiting the storyline’s conclusion with next month’s Champions #27, the sign of a truly great comic!”

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