Champions #24 Reviews

Bam Smack Pow: “This story makes no bones about emotional pain and vulnerability. It acknowledges feelings like guilt or even despair as being legitimate reactions.”

Black Nerd Problems: 8/10 “This issue does well to highlight the constant fear, anger, and sadness we live in with the state of our society. These feelings are usually at the core of what we feel when something like this happens.”

Caped-Joel: 8/10 “This story does a good job of showing that the Champions is the modern day successor to the classic Teen Titans.”

Comic 10/10 “This is a wildly emotional book, and everyone should buy it, read it, and share it with someone else. Everyone.”

Comic Book University: “A universal tragedy that everyone can come together for. This was brilliant.”

Comic Watch: 10/10 “A beautiful, poignant issue full of heart and difficult conversations, this is a timely, important story that ought to be shared with everyone.”

Comics the Gathering: 9/10 “It does not trivialise or over-dramatise. It does not prescribe facile or fantastic remedies. It reminds us of the wounds to which we’re all susceptible and it inspires us to take action on our own…a potent reminder that in the wake of tragedy, stories about heroes only grow more important.”

Do You Even Comic Book: 10/10 “I applaud the creative team for taking time to talk about this sensitive issue for readers and handling it so well.”

Geeked Out Nation: 10/10 “You couldn’t have asked for a more powerful issue of Champions, and this year was the best time to tell it. This foe only wins when we keep silent, when we forget why we speak up against it, when we let despair keep us from hoping for better.”

Major Spoilers: 7/10 “Champions #24 manages to provide some meaningful context while providing important character development for our young heroes without preaching or trying to hammer home a political point, doing so with lovely art”

Newsarama: 8/10 “This is where Zub’s light touch as a writer really shines through. He seems keenly aware of how contentious the issue is – how raw this nerve will be no matter when we’re talking about it – so he instead keeps the focus on our heroes.”

Shoot the Breeze: 10/10 “The writing from Jim Zub is very powerful, Riri’s frustrations with the endless cycle of school shootings ringing very true, and Kamala’s words to Miles were beautifully chosen. The art is likewise very effective, Sean Izaakse capturing the inevitable whirlwind of emotions Miles and his teammates experience from these events.”

Southern Fried Geekery: “It’s an incredible book, a powerful stand alone story.”

We Love Wednesdays: “No matter who picks up this book, they can find a message that’s important to them.”

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