Champions #19 Reviews

The first issue of a new era of Champions! What did critics think of our debut? Read on and find out…

Black Nerd Problems: 8.5/10 “This issue is the start of a promising new adventure. We have a new team behind the wheel but the same feel. The smaller, more focused roster works in their favor”

Comic 8/10 “…everybody stepped up and delivered a really fun entry to this series. Instead of giving one character too much attention, this issue of Champions spread the love, allowing each and every member of the team to have their own moment or two.”

Comic Book University: Grade: A “I can’t wait to see what else is going to happen. This looks really cool. It’s a great comic.”

Comics: The Gathering: 9/10 “Hold your heads up high, Champions fans!…Champions #19 concentrates very productively on character relationships, and if future issues deliver as strongly on plot development, this title is poised for greatness.”

Do You Even Comic Book: 9/10 “This first issue with this new creative team has me one-hundred percent on board and promises to be an enjoyable experience.”

Multiversity Comics: 7.5/10 “a new start under the leadership of Jim Zub and Sean Izaake, who craft an emotionally grounded beginning to the teenage superheroes trip in the great white north.”

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