BSG Catch-Up

I had a fantastic day today overall. A couple major projects have just been taken care of with minimal headaches and things are actually quite organized. It’s almost freaking me out how well things seem to be going lately.

Hung out with charmingmonstrs and got caught up on the last three Battlestar Galactica episodes. Um…. wtf?

Just like Season one and two, the episodes between the halfway point of the season and the end is filled with craptactular filler focusing on second and third tier characters doing ridiculous garbage to create false tension. This season we’ve had the added bonus of flip-flop relationship tripe with Starbuck and Apollo. Their once-interesting love triangle went from “These people are in a bad spot and I want them to be in love” to “These people are emotionally dizzying idiots and I hope they just go away”.

At least Sam, Starbuck’s husband, is still the nicest guy in the whole fucking universe. They’ve consistently made him the most supportive, stand-up, reasonable person on the whole show even as the rest of the cast takes turns shitting in his mouth, proverbially-speaking. I’m impressed they didn’t go for the easy out and make him a terrible husband so Starbuck could leave him scott-free.

charmingmonstrs has a rock solid theory on Starbuck’s death/future that I’m now 100% in agreement with. She believes Starbuck is half-Cylon – hence her being “special”, seeing visions and as a plot back door way for her to come back after her apparent death in ‘Maelstrom’. Her mother was stationed on a military base fighting Cyclons, so a human infiltrator Cylon could’ve easily been her Dad. Maybe Kara’s been getting visions from Cylon signals, maybe she’s the one Baltar and Caprica Six will actually be defending like a daughter instead of Athena and Helo’s baby.

The guy who was in Starbuck’s vision with her looked like Leoben, but had a goatee. When she tells him “You’re not Leoben.” he says “I never said I was.” Bingo – that’s her Dad, plain and simple. Hell, there’s even two different brands of cigarettes put out in the ashtray at her Mom’s place… Dad came for a visit before Mom passed on.

Starbuck even coaxed that Cylon ship to life in Season One. She’s got a connection to their technology.

I can almost guarantee that we won’t see/hear from Starbuck again until the fleeting final cliffhanger moments of the season finale. I hate that it seems so telegraphed, but it does make sense dramatically to drive the fans insane.

As far as the latest episode goes – could Lampkin, Baltar’s new lawyer, possibly be written any worse? He’s a sunglasses-indoors wearing, trench coated gravely-throated Irish-accented cool-as-a-cucumber klepto asshole. The writers seem to be rolling randomly on a mental disorder RPG table for their “amazing” personality traits. He’s not even a character I love-to-hate, he’s just a vacuum of crispy-throated cliches and oh-so revealing statements that punctuate a scene like he’s read the script for the next few episodes instead of acting like a human being. He felt like a terribly cheesy LARP character concept loosely tacked on the side of a normally decent show.

I really hope the trial episodes get better, but with Lampkin involved I’m not too optimistic.

I know it always seems like I’m always bitching or raving about things on my livejournal. It’s just my nature, sorry. I try to make it an entertaining read. I’m honestly not a horrible jerk who constantly tears things in to little pieces, I swear. 😛

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