300 – IMAX

Lucked out at the last minute and got 2 tickets to see 300 on IMAX last night.


Once the action starts, it’s quite an insane spectacle of action and carnage. There’s so much testosterone on screen that the film could impregnate a women from 50 yards away. It’s extremely well done and almost 100% faithful to the graphic novel.

My only problem was the tacked on subplot with the Queen. The cohesive thread that binds the whole thing together is Dilios’ narration recounting the story of the battle. On the other hand, the events with the Queen and the corrupt politician on the council are completely out of that context, unnecessary and, most importantly, aren’t in the original graphic novel. Dilios wasn’t there for those events and didn’t hear about it from his King. Every other moment of the movie is part of his tale except that extraneous subplot. His story bookends the whole thing, period.

That coupled with the fact that the Queen of Spartans (those “never back down, never surrender” people) so quickly surrenders to rape by the corrupt council member also seemed quite messed up. If they wanted a “strong female character” they should’ve found a better way of doing that than having her stay strong while being sexually used/abused. It’s classic bad female character writing by a man and stuck out like a sore thumb.

Other than that weird aside, the film kicked some serious butt.

Also, saw this today and it cracked me right up… apparently “This is SPARTA!” lip syncs out quite well as:

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