Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #3 Reviews

Adventures in Poor Taste: 7.5/10 “Although the roster is ever-expanding and evolving, it is nice to see each member have a brief moment to shine throughout the issue.”

Black Nerd Problems: 8.5/10 “This book is just all-around enjoyable and Medina’s art is on point. In a comic book world dominated by A-list heroes, it’s great that more obscure characters can get some love from talented creators.”

Chillmonger: 9/10 “continues to thoughtfully manage this newly assembled cast of Marvel heroes. As a fan of Champions, I say that this series is Champions with a grown-up Instagram filter.” 8/10 “Once again Jim Zub’s comedic banter between teammates is the standout, with Okoye and Mockbird’s interactions being particularly funny.”

Comic Book University: “This is a really incredible story that has a whole bunch of really cool things I want to talk about.”

Comic-Watch: 9.4/10 “Artist Lan Medina isn’t a household name yet, but he should be, and I believe he will be soon. He’s consistently awesome, knows his stuff when it comes to visual storytelling, and is just simply, great.”

Screen Rant: “Jim Zub escalates the conflict at speed, moving from some classic horror tropes to sheer, Jack-Kirby-esque cosmic chaos.”

Super Powered Fancast: 9.4/10 “Lan Medina captures both characters, backgrounds and tech perfectly. All of the details in the art are fantastic and the action is brilliant in its scale and design.”

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