Avengers: No Road Home #8 Reviews

Caped-Joel: “Another enjoyable issue in what has probably been one of the most enjoyable series at Marvel this year.”

Comic Book Resources: “Fight issues can be complicated to read on their own as part of a larger story, but Avengers: No Road Home #8 succeeds in moving the plot forward while balancing its cast with strong character moments.”

Comic Book University: “This is a crazy-good comic book, guys.”

ComicBook.com: 8/10 “With some great (and beautifully illustrated) fight scenes, and a few very sincere and meaningful moments, this stands out as one of the better entries in the No Road Home saga.”

Comic-Watch: 8.7/20 “Once again, Jim Zub, Mark Waid and Al Ewing manage to maintain the precarious balance of explosive action and contemplative characterization which has become the Hallmark of this series. There’s a clever duality to this series which is reflected on every level, from the structure of the narrative to the layout of the art. “

Comics: The Gathering: “Hercules’ struggle with Oizys is the stuff of epics. The Prince of Power doesn’t shy away from making the fight allegorical, and his thoughts on how misery need to be fought land firmly in universal applicability.”

Detail Comics: “Probably one of the best mini-series that’s come out in recent years.”

Do You Even Comic Book?: 8/10 “The series is strong largely due to the unique makeup of the various teams and how the characters interact with each other. The characters get to display their humanity whether it’s Hercules or even Vision. I like how the writer’s take opportunities to explore the emotional vulnerabilities of the characters.”

Embrace Your Geekness: “The key to this entire series is how expertly these Avengers blend together. An unlikely crew, they work surprisingly well together.”

Fortress Of Solitude: 8.5/10 “With two issues left, I’m really looking forward to seeing the Avengers go all out in trying to stop Nyx.”

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