Avengers: No Road Home #7 Reviews

Caped-Joel: 8/10 “I’m quite impressed at how this series is able to shift perspective the way it does without losing any story fidelity.”

Comic Book University: “This comic book is fire. It’s like holding fire in your hands, but somehow you are tempered steel so you’re okay with it.”

Comic-Watch: 8.3/10 “The AVENGERS series every Avengers fan should be reading.”

Comics: The Gathering: 8/10 “A complex, satisfying star turn by Monica Rambeau is the shining beacon that steers this issue safely onto solid ‘good comics’ ground.”

Embrace Your Geekness: “The reason Avengers: No Road Home is so great is that they are focusing on characters. Even in a major battle between the Avengers and Nyx, they focus in on Monica and her doubts, and Wanda and her perceived weaknesses.”

Fortress Of Solitude: 8.5/10 “A surprising twist of an issue that saw the bad guy inching closer to unlocking her power.”

Marvel Report: 9/10 “Paco Medina is doing some of his best work on this book he truly is giving us modern classic takes on the Avengers”

Newsarama: “Essentially an issue-long fight sequence, the writing staff keeps the pace pretty brisk throughout, scaffolding the whole thing with some in-depth narration from Monica.”

Sci-Fi Pulse: “A fun issue with lots of action, while the Hulk continues to scheme. I was happy with the action in the Hyborian Age and look forward to seeing more of the Avengers and Conan in action together.”

You Don’t Read Comics: “The human-against-god conflict is smartly constructed. A heroic human struggles against a villainous god. It’s capable of being compelling stuff. Zub, Waid and Ewing frame the conflict cleverly in a satisfying issue.”

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