Avengers: No Road Home #6 Reviews

Adventures In Poor Taste: 9/10 “Marvel Comics has cleverly snuck a Conan comic into an Avenger comic with great results. This has everything you’d want in a Conan book”

Caped-Joel: “A high point in a series that’s already been filled with lots of high points.”

Comic Book University: “This was a great comic book, dare I say the best in the series so far? I think I’ve said that about every issue.”

ComicBook.com: 8/10 “Conan and Scarlet Witch are the focus of the entire issue, and they’re a fantastic pairing as the elements of magic and brutality make for a wonderful duet. It’ll be exciting to see where their story goes from here.”

Comic-Watch: 9.1/10 “Avengers: No Road Home #6 manages to execute a neat magic trick– to fold Conan into the Marvel Universe without it seeming forced or sloppy but fully organic to the essence of the character.”

Comics: The Gathering: 9/10 “The fast takeaway is that the creators have sneakily inserted a Conan comic (a really good Conan comic) into their Avengers event. But that’s not the whole story. This is also a good Avengers comic. It’s even a pretty dang good Scarlet Witch comic.”

Detail Comics: “I’m a real big fan of Avengers: No Road Home and I think #6, while a strong departure from the rest of the story line, is still a really solidly put together issue that’s going to keep people coming back for more.”

Do You Even Comic Book?!: 8/10 “In all, this has been a fun, beautifully-drawn adventure so far, and I’m excited to see how the story goes, especially with the addition of Conan.”

Embrace Your Geekness: “I love this book after six issues. It has taken a non-typical Avengers threat and weaved an amazing story with some exceptional character moments.”

Fortress Of Solitude: 8.5/10 “Avengers: No Road Home #6 was a great fantasy epic portion of the story that added Conan into the plot and teamed him with Scarlet Witch. That team-up was a really awesome pairing.”

Legion Of Myth: 9/10 “I can’t believe it. Conan in the Avengers is good. I’m really liking it. I thought it was dumb as an idea, but I’m really liking it now.”

Monkeys Fighting Robots: 8/10 “Readers will appreciate the addition without feeling robbed of their Avengers story. Zub, Waid, and Ewing are expanding the heroes’ landscape in a remarkable way.”

Newsarama: 10/10 “the team here really rises to the occasion, for the audience and the story, making Conan’s modern Marvel debut feel like the moment it should be. By Crom, I can’t wait for more.”

You Don’t Read Comics: “Izaakse’s art carries the same aggressive weight in the world of Conan that it does in the Marvel Universe, which keeps the story feeling quite fluid in the weird Hyborean fugue that dominates this issue.”

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