Avengers: No Road Home #2 Reviews

Caped-Joel: 8.5/10 “I think the thing I’m most impressed about this series so far is just how seamless the three writers can work together.”

ComicBook.com: 8/10 “With a team of gods, androids, and immortal beings, Hawkeye shouldn’t be the most interesting character on this Avengers roster, providing the inner monologue that narrates the entire book. But, here we are, and it seriously works.”

Comic Book Resources: “It’s rare that comics like this don’t suffer from a case of ‘Too Many Cooks.’ Combine that with a punishing weekly schedule and the fact that this is not only good but great is a genuine delight.”

Comic Book University: “This is an awesome comic book and an awesome series so far. I’m looking forward to more and more out of this.”

Comic Frontline: 9/10 “I cannot wait until next week. The art by Medina is a great fit for this as he and Aburtov balance the light of the Avengers and the dark of Nyx and her children.”

Comic-Watch: 10/10 “This Avengers series is what everyone should be talking about. Avengers No Road Home is writing at its best. The three writers that work on this event appear to work perfectly together.”

Comics: The Gathering: 8/10 “This issue’s script lays a lot of challenges on the art team, and they pass with flying colors. It takes considerable “under the hood” skill to organize big battles with lots of participants and push a complicated narrative thread through them. This is done magnificently, while also making space to introduce Nyx’s children without slowing down the breakneck pace.”

Detail Comics: “Overall, Avengers: No Road Home is a relatively isolated event but I’m excited to see where this goes because it continues to be non-stop stylish action. It’s just got its foot to the floor and, without taking its foot off the gas, it continues to world build and give readers a lot to anticipate in each issue.”

DVS Gaming: “You would think that three writers balancing so many characters would be a mess, however, the flow of this comic is extremely strong.”

Embrace Your Geekness: “I have been fully engaged so far after only two issues. I love the grouping of Avengers involved in this series.”

Fortress Of Solitude: 9/10 “Another awesome entry in the weekly series which, as of this issue, is now in full swing.”

Sci-Fi Pulse: “The visuals are great in this chapter, with every blow massive and every tear in flesh felt by the reader. This is exactly how the Avengers should be shown! Marvel is making magic with this book.”

Talking Comic Books: “Paco Medina’s artwork is a great choice for this series. His classic style and storytelling abilities lend themselves perfectly to this tale. All in all, Avengers: No Road Home #2 is an issue jammed full of incredible talent, which makes for a highly enjoyable story.”

Uncanny Nerdverse: 9/10 “Solid writing, solid art, great story. What more could you ask for?”

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