Avengers #687 Reviews

Caped-Joel: “This is a fun story and we’re definitely heading into the home stretch now.”

Comic Book Corner: 7/10 “It slowed down the pace of the story, which you needed, to give you more insight.”

Comic Book University: Grade: A+ “This may have been the best issue of the series…This is the issue that explains everything that happened before.”

Comicosity: 8.5/10 “With the pause in fisticuffs and explosions, Avengers #687 feels like a huge gasp before the final sprint in the No Surrender marathon. The finish line is in sight. Now it’s time to really pour it on.”

Comicsverse: 8.8/10 “…an issue that catches its breath and allows characters to interact on deep and emotional levels. The writing team delivers heavy dialogue while the art team displays everything wonderfully.”

Do You Even Comic Book: 10/10 “What separates a hero from a villain? How do you help a hero who sees themselves only as a villain? Can you pick up the pieces of those you love if you’re the one who broke them? All those questions get a deep dive”

Geeked Out Nation: 8.3/10 “This creative team have done brilliantly striking a balance between substance and style.”

Graphic Policy: 8.35/10 “I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive since so many recent events have been let downs. But, 13 chapters in and it’s been one hell of a ride where the weekly release has only helped.”

Rogues Portal: “Waid, Ewing, and Zub have been something of a dream team for this kind of ensemble story, each bringing their strengths to the table.”

Talking Comic Books: “Avengers #687 was a much need breather before the story ramps up to its conclusion.”

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