Avengers #675 Reviews

Avengers #675 arrived in stores last Wednesday, the beginning of our 16-part/16 week story line. What did reviewers think of it? Let’s find out…

All-Comic: “The artwork is on fire here as penciller Pepe Larraz and colorist David Curiel are fantastic. Each page is a visual treat”

Alpha Comics: “By and large this is a great place to jump into the Avengers series if you aren’t already on board. And for those who are already fans: get ready for a wild ride!”

Bleeding Cool: “with a plot this massive, it’s impressive that it manages to remain as character-focused as it does.”

Adventures In Poor Taste: 8/10 “A good first issue that has an event-vibe and stuffs a lot of characters into it.”

Chuck’s Comic of the Day: “…it’s a very entertaining mystery (the best kind!), and I’m in for the long haul.”

Comic Book University: B+ “This is a fantastic comic book.”

Comic Buzz: 8/10 “It’s a fun start to this story and I hope it can keep up this momentum.”

Comic Crusaders: 8.8/10 “It’s an intense issue and great reading!”

Comic Pop: “Written by three different people but manages to maintain a single voice.”

Comic-Watch: 9/10 “This is exactly what you want from a superhero story. The world is in danger and the heroes have to come together to save it.”

Comics Beat: “The art was on point throughout the issue. It’s nice when comic artists take the time to draw big splashy moments and fight scenes as well some more subtle, nuanced stuff for older readers. There is much to love here”

Comics the Gathering: “If you’re looking for an exciting, visually appealing book, this crossover is the one for you.”

Comicosity: 8.5/10 “This is a great start, the weekly pace should battle any story or memory atrophy, and the character assortment has enough for every reader to find an anchor.”

Comicsverse: 8.2/10 “I’m excited for the next issue, so at least that’s a good thing to take away. A weekly series needs to be anticipated, so let’s hope that stays true in the weeks to come.”

Critical Blast: “We still have a long way to go with No Surrender, but I really enjoyed this first issue. Great art, exciting story, compelling character moments, and a lot of mysteries left to be answered. “

Diskingdom: 8/10 “This No Surrender storyline kicks off with a bang, with loads of action, loads of heroes and a huge question hanging over the entire Marvel Universe…This first issue completely sold me on getting invested in this story.”

Fandom Post: “The writing by Waid, Ewing, and Zub flows rather well, and honestly came out very cohesive, even if things were happening fast.”

Fansided: “…the first chapter of Avengers: No Surrender gets the pacing right.”

Fortress of Solitude: 9/10 “I’m really excited to see this massive 16-part story play out.”

Graphic Policy: 8.2/10 “I was skeptical about this event series but after this first issue, I’d be lying if I didn’t want to read more. Thankfully with a weekly event, I won’t have to wait long for that.”

Heroic Legacy: 8.8/10 “…this is a promising start. It would be easy for a story like this to start off confusing, but it is actually easy to follow along.”

IGN: “…straightforward and focused more on spectacle than characters, this first chapter starts the crossover off on solid footing.”

The Lost Lighthouse: “Avengers #675 is off to a good start, and with the writers involved and the art so far there is a lot of promise for No Surrender.”

Monkeys Fighting Robots: “This is a big, bold project for Marvel and these creators. Avengers starts its now weekly story in a classic comic book structure and pace.”

Newsarama: “Avengers #675 gives us more questions than it does answers, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a good-looking book that keeps its heroes’ characterization intact.”

Pop Culture Philosophers: “Really cool artwork. Really epic story. Worthy of the Avengers.”

Rogues Portal: “With an interesting plot, appealing art, and a variety of characters both beloved and obscure, Avengers #675 launches the weekly “No Surrender” storyline with a great result.”

Super Hero Nexus: “Great comic. I highly recommend you pick this comic up and join me on the ride “

Talking Comic Books: “With a top notch group of writers and the beautiful artwork from rising star Pepe Larraz, Avengers #675 is a Buy.”

The Mighty Blog (French): “The pacing is perfect, the alchemy between characters is there, and that’s no small feat given the size of the cast.”

Two-Headed Nerd: “I’m really enjoying Avengers No Surrender so far. I hope this team can keep up this momentum”

Uncanny Nerdverse: 9/10 “A solid start. I’m excited to see where it all goes from here.”

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