Zubby Newsletter – June 10, 2003

Things here are going well but moving fast and crazy too. Gal’s broken the university barrier (she got into York) as well as the job barrier and landed a job as a waitress at the Keg. For a bit there, she was getting depressed and didn’t think a waitress position would be available anywhere. But after peppering the area with resumes and a lot of finger-crossing, it’s paid off and that makes things a hell of a lot better for us both financially.

And then, funny enough, I dug up more work for myself. Through some good contacts, better timing and a bit of luck, I’m now coloring comic books. No, really. I’m working for Udon, a studio that colors comics for the big guys (Marvel, DC, Image) and although I thought I might be able to swing some work with them by the end of the summer, but then a large project dropped into their lap and they needed some extra manpower. So, during the day I’m coloring pages for a Conan the Barbarian comic reprint that’s coming out in the fall. It may not be Spider-Man or the X-Men, but it’s a start and it’s a paying gig and it’s comics nonetheless. The coloring that Dark Horse wants isn’t going to light the world on fire or anything, but it’ll give me some practice on something until I’m faster and more skilled. I’ve already got 45 pages lined up ahead of me, so it should keep me busy for the summer, anyways.

Now that we’re both employed, I know it’s going to get harder for Gal and I to spend quality time. Once school kicks up, that’ll distract us too. It’s going to be a busy year indeed. Still, we’ll keep plugging away and see what happens. We’ve already moved cross-country twice, I can’t see this being worse than that stress.

It’s my brother’s birthday today, so I should give him a call. Yeesh, we’re all getting older.

I hope you guys don’t mind the short but relevant e-mail this time out.

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