Zubby Newsletter – May 27, 2003

Two birthdays in two weeks = exhausting but fun.

We went to my Grandmother’s on my birthday to hang out with the family and enjoy Grandma’s incredible homemade dinner. My family hasn’t spent my birthday with me since I turned 19, so it was a real change of pace.

For Gal’s birthday, we drove to Oshawa and spent some more time with my parents. Between shopping, getting caught up and playing cards, it was a really relaxing time. It’s funny how different my parents are now that my Dad’s retired. They’re far more goofy and carefree. It’s wonderful seeing them enjoying their retirement. Playing Asshole (it’s a card game) with them is a hoot, my mother asks us how to play every time, even when she’s winning.

Yesterday, Gal and I enjoyed her birthday present. Since she’s never lived in Toronto before, I thought it would be good for her to have a Canada’s Wonderland Season Pass. We headed up to the park and had an amazing day. Since it was a Monday, the high school kids were in class and most people were working. The longest we waited for anything was 8-10 minutes, with most of the rides being as simple as walking on or waiting 30 seconds or so. The weather was sunny, and it went great.

I had no idea that Gal was such a voracious roller coaster lover. We completed the whole circuit, something I didn’t think was possible. That’s right, we rode every roller coaster at Wonderland in one day: Thunder Run, Wild Beast, The Fly, Dragon Fire, The Bat, Sky Rider, Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Top Gun, Ghoster Coaster, Silver Streak and the Vortex! We didn’t have to run around like crazy to do it either, which was really nice.

The next time we go to Wonderland, I’ll definitely be taking my camera and getting silly shots of us at the park. We want to go at least one more time on a week day before kids get out of school at the end of June.

I’ve got some more little freelance projects lined up and more over the coming week. Even though I’m not working a 9-5 type-job, I’m anticipating a pretty full roster of things to do for a bit, which is good.

All in all, things are really good.

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