Zubby Newsletter – June 19, 2003

Thanks to all the people who sent me congrats with my work announcement in the last Newsletter. It’s probably the biggest chunk of replies I’ve had in a long time. A lot of encouraging words and enthusiasm for what I’m doing. It’s greatly appreciated. If this blossoms into higher profile projects, I’ll be even more elated than I already am.

I’ve been coloring this Conan comic stuff for 10 days now. I know that for sure because I’ve got 10 done. One a day may seem slow (or fast, I don’t know what you’ll think), but it’s been a good learning experience so far. I’m working on each one a bit more carefully at this stage to make sure that it shows well and that I’m nailing down some of the new techniques I’m learning. It means long hours at the computer, but it seems to be paying off.

It has put a damper on other things though. Most days I’m coloring, relaxing a bit, driving Gal to work at the Keg, where she’s currently training, and then back at the computer for another round. I’ve seen a lot of people on Messenger and ICQ for a change, but otherwise I’ve been a bit of a hermit.

I’ve been doing freelance artwork for a few small-press RPG companies and that’s spun off into an offer to drive down to Origins in Ohio next week. Origins is the second biggest gaming convention in North America, and a good opportunity to make contacts. I booked all this stuff before the comic book work came in, so it’s been a bit of a juggle getting this all to work schedule-wise.

After talking with Erik (my boss at Udon), I’m going to be taking the Udon portfolio to pitch around to RPG publishers and see if we can drum up even more work for me and the rest of the crew. It’s perfect because as a single individual I could’ve possibly approached some third-tier publishers, but with everyone else and their stellar work, it’ll be easy to talk to the biggest guys and see what happens. It makes the upcoming convention even more exciting and opens up all sorts of doors.

The same thing goes with San Diego Comic Con in July. Udon’s going to have a table there and do all sorts of promotion for their upcoming Street Fighter comic. It’ll be a good place to hang out, make amazing contacts and enjoy the con. The progress from last year to this one will be quite amazing, and most of that evolution has happened so quickly. It’s a whirlwind of things to do and opportunities to explore. I can’t believe all of this is happening before I even head back to school!

My Aunt and Uncle opened up their pool with all the nice weather we’ve been getting, so Gal and I have been trying to swim almost every day, for a break and for some exercise too. Even if it’s a 15-minute dip, it’s a good refresher and a way to break up the day. With the car, we’re not walking as much, so I think I’m gonna push to do that more as well. I don’t want to get lazy in the physical department.

Haven’t seen Finding Nemo yet. I want to, but Gal doesn’t want to see it, so it’s harder to justify going to the movies without her, especially since free time is at a premium. She doesn’t want to see the Hulk either, which sucks because I want to check that one out too. Grrr.

So I’m tired, a bit stressed, but energized as well. Gal and I are working hard and the adventure continues.

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