Zubby Newsletter – July 6, 2002

Time flies when you’re having fun. Or, when you’re busy as can be… or both 🙂

It’s already July. Unbelievable. I know it seems like I do this a lot. I wait a long time to write up a Newsletter e-mail for everyone and then I comment on how much time has gone by. Well, I guess I’m at it again.

In some ways, Gal and I are settling in to Halifax quite well, in other ways it’s still stressful. I never imagined that the transition would be so difficult, but I’m rolling with it as best as I can. I am enjoying the city, the job and the people, but all of them changing at once has definitely been a real whirlwind for us to get used to.

Work at the animation studio has taught me a hell of a lot, including the stresses that it brings. I had always explained to students about how crazy production work could be and what was expected of them, but I had forgotten it myself while preaching away. After several weeks of solid production, I’m still fighting to get up to the studio norm for scenes per week completed. That’s pretty common apparently, but it makes me feel a bit behind. I can see myself getting better each week, but I wish I was doing a full 30+ backgrounds a week. Not only would the pay be even better (I’m currently getting about 20 scenes a week done), but it would help my confidence too. Oh well, all in time I suppose. The strides I’ve made in my cleaned up finished artwork have been a real booster anyways.

If I get a chance, I’ll scan some of my background art and send them off with an e-mail. Some of the ones I’ve done have worked out really well…it’s too bad the show we’re working on isn’t going to air until September 2003.

The studio work has made getting my online comic done on time a little crazy. The last bunch of pages have been done the night before they go up, keeping me up damn late and not allowing me to put as much time into them as I’d like to. I’m hoping to get on top of that soon, and get ahead again before I miss a regular update on it.

I’ve been wondering if I should try some new styles and artwork as well. I thought of doing 2 Makeshift Miracle pages a week and 1 page of a short story with a vastly different style. Might help me expand my skills a bit. I’ll have to decide that after the latest chapter is completed.

A lot of the studio guys have been getting computers lately. Between that and fixing up Gal’s machine, I’m feeling like a bit of a computer guru (even though I know I’m not). I thought about how much I’ve learned about computers in the last two years and it’s pretty incredible. Jean put together my first computer and now I’m building machines from the ground up for Gala. It’s a good feeling, sort of like a driver knowing exactly how to work on their car.

I’m not used to the extra humidity out here. Calgary was a real dry heat, while this is more like Ontario with the humid hot weather. It can be deceptive. You head out for a sunny walk and soon you’re sweating like crazy. Guess we’ll have to stock up on more ice cream 🙂

Gal and I have been trying to spend time one on one when we can. With all her school prep, job search and my schedule, it’s not easy. Especially when there’s also a studio full of guys who want to hang out and do things too. A bunch of the studio boys have headed off this weekend for a friend’s wedding, so it’s giving me a breather and a chance to relax with her. By the time the weekend hits, we’re usually backed up on cleaning, paying bills, laundry and grocery shopping.

We woke up early and went to the big Farmer’s Market that they have each weekend. I’d heard how good it was, but I had no idea how extensive it really is. Huge, and bustling. The streets downtown are almost empty because EVERYBODY’s in there. Music, amazing food and wine, art and animals…it’s pretty insane. I think Gal and I are going to make it a semi-regular visit.

My parents are coming in about a week. That should be entertaining. I’ll be sure to take lots photos and show them interesting places.

I hope you’re all doing well. My e-mail has been super quiet (except for the usual mess of ad e-mails), so feel free to drop me a line.

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