Zubby Newsletter – May 28, 2002

Two birthdays whiz-by and May is almost over. I can’t believe I’ve been in Halifax for over a month. Of course, that may be because there’s still boxes unpacked. Now that we’ve gotten the main stuff out, it’s tough to get motivated to finish off and get out all the odds and ends.

I went to see both Spider-Man and Star Wars on opening day with the studio guys. Spider-Man was fun…I know if I was a 12 year-old Jimbo, I’d have freaked out with joy. I was such a Spider-Man nut when I was younger. The movie wasn’t perfect, but it was fun and I liked it. I think it’s all a matter of expectations, because Star Wars was visually way more impressive than Spider-Man, but I left the theatre unimpressed with George Lucas’ latest toy-making epic. The dialogue was uninspired and horribly horribly lame, and the acting really hurt my ability to like the characters or get into the film. I was amazed by some of the special effects, but it always felt like the film was dragging for me. And no, Yoda fighting with a lightsaber was not cool in any way, shape or form. It looked stupid. I thought the point of being super-kick ass with the force was that he’d gone beyond the need for a lightsaber? Oh well…

My birthday was actually quiet this year. I’d been spending a lot of time out doing things, so taking a break seemed like a good plan. Of course, the fact that it was raining made the decision even easier. Gala’s birthday was quieter still, as she and I spent a nice day alone relaxing and going out for dinner. There will be lots of time for pubs and partying during the summer, so I’m not too worried about “missing out”.

Gal and I have been trying hard to stick to our budget until she’s nailed down a job and I’m on a good roll with the pay checks. It’s hard because the weather’s been nice and it would be easy to go out to restaurant patios or buy little things. We’ve been keeping each other in check and doing things which aren’t cash intensive, which is helping us stay the course.

Things at the studio are not hectic now, but will be building to a feverish pitch as we head into June. It’s much nicer this way, easing me into production and getting my brain back into that mode. Everyone there is friendly, fun and keeps things entertaining.

A webcomic artist who’s living in New Brunswick is in Halifax today and we’re going to hook up for lunch and a pint. I’ve talked with him on the phone before, so it should be pretty cool meeting him face to face and blabbing about the industry.

Otherwise, I’ve been drawing, relaxing and enjoying the weather. No problems, just looking forward to the months ahead.

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