Zubby Newsletter – May 13, 2002

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve e-mailed me in the last month and wondered why the heck I hadn’t gotten back to you, then let me get you up to date. I’m finally getting settled in to Halifax and FINALLY have my new place and internet connection. *whew* it took longer than I had hoped, but at least it’s all working now…

New place, new job, new surroundings, it’s a whirlwind of things to do. There’s still tons of boxes we haven’t unpacked and lots still to do. But it’s starting to feel a little more like a home here.

The city is beautiful, that’s for sure. I’ll send a separate e-mail with a swack of photos attached to show you just how nice it really is. I’m pretty shocked at the European-esque architecture and the ocean about 15 minutes walking from my apartment. It’s quite a change indeed.

Downtown Halifax feels sort of like Kensington in Calgary, but it’s a lot bigger. There’s few chain-stores downtown, mostly shops and neat little places to explore. Every few days, Gala and choose a new street and just wander it so that we can get a feel for where we are and what’s around us.

This e-mail should be a hell of a lot longer, to be honest. The unfortunate part is that I’ve got e-mail piled up to my eyeballs that needs responding to. So, I’ll cut this a little short and fill in more details hopefully in a few days. Until then, take care and know that I’m doing really well.

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