Zubby Newsletter – March 20, 2002

Well, the difference that 3 weeks makes…

In my last Newsletter, I was getting everyone caught up on Gala and I being a couple, her choices about heading off to University in the fall and the wanderlust I’ve been getting to do something other than teaching.

So, here’s the mighty update:

No long distance relationship for me! Gala’s decided to go to Dalhousie and I’ve gotten a job at an animation studio in Halifax! I can’t believe how incredibly fast it’s coming together, but the momentum is on and it’s looking pretty amazing.

I sent a portfolio off to an animation studio called Helix where a few of my old Rez buddies are working. The director there loved my stuff and I got confirmation today that I’m in on their next project starting in April/May doing backgrounds.

Before I sent the portfolio off, I was really worried. I hadn’t had to get critique from other people in so long, and wondered if I could produce up to snuff and get my portfolio spiffed up under a quick deadline. Getting the positive feedback was a real booster, and has given me a lot of drive.

Cornflake (Greg) was a real help getting my confidence behind it and keeping me motivated. That guy has been such a fantastic friend, I can’t even explain it. I’m stunned to be surrounded or still in touch with so many cool people.

I gave my 2 weeks late last week at the school and am in full countdown mode, waiting to get my stuff moved and the next Chapter of the ol’ Zub Tales going. I’m giddy, nervous, excited and scared all at the same time. There’s so much to do and another adventure to tackle on the horizon.

That, and Gala’s coming with me! That’s the best part, by far. It’s hard to explain how amazing she really is. I was really worried about doing the long distance bit and struggling through that barrier so soon after getting this relationship going. Now though, it’s so much clearer and we’re both just electric. Having a fellow traveler along for this journey makes it even more memorable.

I’m going to miss teaching. I’ve really enjoyed interacting with the students and watching the hard working ones grow and achieve their goals. I know I’m doing the right thing, but I’m hoping I get a chance to teach even something small or part-time down the road. It gave me a lot of confidence and helped me a lot as an artist.

Changes, changes…I’m grabbing the bull by the horns and enjoying the mad ride ahead.

More info in the days to come. I just wanted to let you all know where things were at and what’s in store for me. Wish me luck!

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