Zubby Newsletter – July 23, 2002

So many things to do, but barely enough time to do it.

My parents are down visiting me here in Halifax. It’s weird because I don’t see them very often, and I forget their habits… my Dad wants to fix every little thing in my apartment to make it work perfectly; my Mom wants to cook every meal and iron my shirts. It’s cute and funny and a little odd. I want them to just sit back and relax, but they’re in full bore parental mode. I’ve been able to kick Mom out of the kitchen for all the meals, but when I go to work during the day, the go nuts on housework that didn’t have to be done.

We went up to Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg on Sunday. It was a great day trip, seeing more of the province and being able to head out beyond walking distances. Nova Scotia’s a beautiful place and I’ve got to remember to see more of it and not let myself get tethered to downtown Halifax.

The work schedule is intense, but I’m in a good groove for it now. We received a new show on Friday and I’ll be done 30 scenes by tomorrow (Wednesday), so that’s a marked improvement. It will always fluctuate depending on the difficulty of the episodes I get, but it’s nice to know that I’m meeting expectations. This is the first episode that I’ve felt really confident to head into it and get it done right. I guess I can call myself a professional layout artist now…

…But not a comic book pro. I’ve lucked out on a cheap flight and the back-and-forthness of heading to the San Diego Comic Con has become: I AM going. I may not get another chance, I’ve been meaning to do it for years, I have all the reasons to do it and make it memorable. Even though I’ve registered as a pro (thanks to Modern Tales) and get free entrance to the Con, I still don’t feel like a comic pro. If I can free up even more time in the next week, I may try organizing my portfolio to take down there. Part of me really wants to show it to editors, get feedback and see what happens. The other part just wants to go down to be social and meet other people in the industry. I’m not sure which part will win outright.

So between work, the parental visit and getting ready for my trip (which is a week tomorrow), I’m busy as hell. At least I don’t have to worry about being bored.

I’ll try to send another Newslettery e-mail just before I leave for San Diego. In the meantime, take care.

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