Zubby Newsletter – July 7, 2001

Summer is blazing here in Calgary and the Stampede is in full swing. Now that the city’s gone crazy again, I get some much needed time off and can enjoy the weather, if not the mad country yeehaw bullcrap.

My cousin Lisa has made the trek out to see me during Stampede and it’s amazing having her here. There’s a 10 year gap between us, but it doesn’t hinder things in the slightest. Just like when I was in Toronto, we should be doing all sorts of exploring and shopping around town. If I can arrange it, maybe we’ll head to Banff for a day and take in the site of the mountains.

She commented yesterday while we were downtown that the air seemed a bit cleaner here than back in Ontario. I guess I’ve taking that for granted. If she thinks that’s clear, the Banff air should make her practically dizzy.

Back at Father’s Day, I asked my Dad what he needed for a gift. Just buying trinkets or knick knacks seems silly at his age, so it’s better to ask him what he wants. This year he asked me to buy one of those disposable cameras and take a roll of photos around the new apartment so that him and my Mom would know where the heck I was living and how it looked.

Jim enjoying the view from his balcony.

I’m going on the look out for a digital camera when Lisa and I go shopping today, so I may finally have an easy way to record the weird and wonderful adventures in Calgary with photos attached to each Newsletter.

The weather here is almost too warm with intense heat and glaring sunlight, nary a cloud in the sky. The city is a sea of people wearing cowboy hats and disturbing country style clothing, but the economic boost it provides is a good thing too.

Otherwise, things are great. A little bit of relaxing, a whole lot of exploring and enjoyment as per the norm as of late. No complaints, only adventures 🙂

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