Zubby Newsletter – June 15, 2001

Well, it’s been another two weeks, and I thought I should let you know how things are faring in Calgary for the ol’ Jimbolia. If you’ve e-mailed me in the past few days and I haven’t responded, I’m sorry. It’s been hectic…

Rain’s pouring down outside and it’s a murky humidity in the school today. With the dim gray sky and the sticky heat inside, I’m feeling a bit groggy. The weeks are going by incredibly fast and each Friday I look back and wonder where the previous week went. It feels like I just started the new class, but now we’re approaching the sixth week of lectures. Where did that time go?

Each day is a blur of things to do at work followed by a quick rest in the evening and then collapsing to sleep to get ready for the next day. Work and things are great, I’m just stunned how rapidly it’s all going on around me.

I pulled a muscle in my back on Sunday. It wasn’t half as bad when I was laid up in bed for four or five days last year, but it was still quite painful. It took all week to shake the last few twinges of it, but I feel 99% back to normal now. I’m glad I have my flexibility back before the weekend starts.

Things at the apartment are also going great. Gala’s nailed down a full-time job for the summer, which makes everything go a lot better. I know what it’s like not to have that financial assurance, so it makes me happy to see her take care of that for now. When she gets home from work, we usually have an actual dinner sitting at the table and getting caught up on the day’s events. Compared to munching badly cooked dinners alone in front of my computer, it’s really wonderful. My Mom would be shocked that I’m cooking up full and tasty meals. Imagine the Jimbo with some cooking skill. It’s a lot easier then cooking for one. You actually have to think about taste and what things can go together instead of just mixing whatever’s in the fridge and getting it past the gag reflex. Who’d have thunk it? 🙂

I’m going to see Atlantis tonight. The movies of the summer so far haven’t been worth checking out and I’m hoping Disney’s latest is decent. The reviews of Tomb Raider and Pearl Harbor have been beyond foul, so I figure I’ll save my money by avoiding those. Most movie reviewers may be full of shit, but when they almost universally agree that something’s bad, at least some of them have to be right.

That’s about it for now. All is quiet out here otherwise. Unlike the last few gaps, I’ll have more for everyone next week.

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