Zubby Newsletter – May 23, 2001

With the long weekend passed, I’m a ripe old 25 year old now. Thanks to everyone who sent me Birthday greetings, cards, phone calls or photos. I can’t tell you how great it is hearing from all of you and knowing how many great people I’ve got in my life.

Friday was not what I expected, but not bad either. I had invited a bunch of people to meet me at one of the local pubs at around 7:00. I arrived there at 6:30 with Gala, had a pint or two and waited for the chaos to begin. By 8:30, 4 people had stopped by to make an appearance, and they left with previous engagements. I was a bit annoyed that people hadn’t shown up and figured I’d just have another pint or two and head home around 9:30 feeling a little birthday buzz. Instead, by 9:30, everyone showed up and the twenty odd people started feeding me drinks as if we were starting fresh…it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where this was headed.

I hadn’t planned on being extremely drunk. The good side was that I did have fun and everyone enjoyed hanging out and celebrating the start of the long weekend. The bad side was that, for one of the only times in my life, I actually blacked out at the bar. Chalk it up to not drinking heavy since New Years Eve or the old “you must be getting old” side of things, but the live band at the pub was playing Happy Birthday for me and I totally blacked out in the midst of it. Looking back, it was hilarious to everyone there.

I woke up down the road from the pub, being carried by Gala and Allister. The birthday bash may not have been what I planned, but it was entertaining nonetheless. Like everything else, it’s silliness in moderation. Compared to the drinking binges of college, I figure this is relatively harmless. No one was hurt, we all laughed, had a good time and another Zub Tale is born. Consider it responsible-stupid drinking as opposed to stupid-stupid drinking. Having that many of the people in Calgary that I like all hanging out together was amazing and knowing they were there to see me have a good time is really cool. It reminded me of the best times in Toronto with the friends I have there.

The rest of the long weekend was just relaxing with no schedule whatsoever. It was great. I bought the third Myst game and have been slowly working my way through the puzzles with Gala. The environments are great and it was a nice way to kill some time. I’m used to having a Lazy Sunday, but having that and a Lazy Monday too was even better.

Now, it’s a shorter work week after the holiday Monday. I can’t really complain. The new class is chugging away, the weather in Calgary is finally hitting summer warmth and things are great overall.

I hope everyone’s holiday weekend went well. Until next week, everyone take care.

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