Zubby Newsletter – May 16, 2001

Busy, busy, busy…But, I have to admit, it’s a good kind of busy and I don’t really mind.

My new class started on Monday and as always, it’s exhausting and wonderful at the same time. It’s new students with fresh energy and enthusiasm. In fact, the summer course had a waiting list for the first time ever. Normally, we have trouble filling a course that starts in the summer. Students tend to want to wait until the fall and work or play their summer away. This time, the school’s had a great turn out from people interested in the course and the summer course is packed. The fall program is already filling up as well, the quality of student work is increasing rapidly and the management seems really pleased with what I’m doing here.

Last weekend kicked ass. On Saturday I finally got my damage deposit back from the old house. I had waited so long and wondered if I would ever get it. In fact, I’d pretty much budgeted around it and when I finally received it, I got a giddy idea. I’ve been pretty responsible with my money lately and decided to spoil myself a bit. So, I went on a clothing shopping spree! New wardrobe for the Jim!

I went through my closet and got rid of stuff I’ve been holding onto for years. You know, those clothes you have but never ever actually wear anymore? I donated them to the Salvation Army and hit the malls with Gala and my friend Allister for a new summer wardrobe. It was a riot hanging out, trying all kinds of clothes and joking around. The day went by perfectly and by the end of it I had a blitz of new stuff.

Meanwhile back in Ontario, adding to the domestic chaos is my cousin Tammy. Tammy and Andy gave birth to little Justin on Monday May 7th. That’s two kids in two months for our family! With grandchildren all over the place, that should take the heat off me to add to the pool.

It feels so strange thinking of my brother and cousin raising kids. Maybe it’s the nature of the animation industry, but I usually feel like a big kid running around with too much responsibility. I can’t imagine having kids myself with all the other stuff going on in my life. I know they’ll be happy and I’m excited to see the tikes growing up, I just don’t think I could take that on. Besides, this way I can spoil them, teach them funny stuff and not have to change diapers. All the benefits, none of the mess 🙂

Everyone’s growing up and as their priorities change, we’re all becoming such different people. Looking in the mirror lately, it’s tough remembering the insecurities and fears that I had in high school and early on in college. I read older e-mails and letters I wrote to people and I can’t believe how frightened I was of everything. I put so much stock in what other people thought instead of what I felt was right. Now, I have no problem listening to other people, but I know what I feel and am doing what’s right for me. Due to that, I’m feeling great and things are pretty balanced over all.

This weekend should be another chunk of entertainment. The May long weekend and Friday’s my birthday. It’s a good time to take a look at the year that’s passed and what’s coming down the pipe. Of course, it’s also a great chance to party with my friends in Calgary and tear up Kensington a bit. If you’re out on Friday, raise a glass for the ol’ Jimbo turning 25. I’ll have a full report of the festivities next week.

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