Zubby Newsletter – May 1, 2001

I realized looking at the bleakness of my last Newsletter that everyone probably thinks I’m dead after two weeks of no updates or anything. Sorry about that. Let me assure you that things are much better.

That sickness was two weeks of extremely bad coughs, fever, sneezing and trouble sleeping. Every time I thought I was getting over it, I would be a mess by the time the evening rolled around. I just couldn’t shake the thing and it seemed to be getting worse.

Then, Gala my roommate stepped in and crushed my macho spirit by dragging me to the clinic. In all honesty, it was for the best. The viral infection I had could have given me pneumonia if I hadn’t taken care of it. I ended up missing the ski trip I was supposed to go on that weekend, but I’m finally healed up now.

The new apartment has been wonderful. Eating dinner at an actual table (it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is), relaxing and hanging out. In fact, in the last two weeks I’ve cooked more meals than I have in years. Eating healthy, feeling better and kicking some butt!

Now that things are almost back to normal, the transit strike’s over and the weather’s getting better, the summer is looking great. Good times are ahead and I can’t wait.

So, this little note should alleviate everyone’s fears that I’m still out of commission. I hope you’re all doing well now and that the summer weather is coming your way too.

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