Zubby Newsletter – April 17, 2001

Drained. My body’s wracked with a hoarse cough and the lack of sleep I feel is tearing holes in my brain. It’s a hopeless kind of feeling because this viral-whatever will get through me at its own pace and I’m a slave to that timeline.

Needless to say, Easter was not what I expected. Instead of a simple visit to my family and time to relax, I was trapped in a cold sweat and my body was mashed by headaches and sneezing. I arrived in Toronto on Wednesday night, got ill, lied around in agony and came back to Calgary on Monday afternoon. Everything else was a haze of Neo-Citran, Advil, Tylenol and Hals throat candies.

The Christening service went well and seeing my niece was nice, except I couldn’t really be close to anyone. My family was happy to see me, but they couldn’t interact too much with my diseased coughing self. What a waste…

I’m going home soon for a nap and looking forward to getting beyond this ugly cold that attacked me out of nowhere.

That’s all. Nothing else to write right now. Hope I don’t get other people sick. Hope everyone understands why I’m so wiped out…hope I can sleep.

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