Zubby Newsletter – April 10, 2001

There are longer sunny days and the weather’s slowly improving in Calgary. All in all, it’s about freakin’ time. Now that Spring is finally here and almost everything is unpacked into my new place, it feels like a nice fresh start to things. With all the anticipation of the new pad and better weather, actually being in the midst of it is quite nice.

Getting new furniture for the apartment was an exercise in frustration. I ordered stuff from the Brick and it took them four deliveries to finally bring the correct stuff. Even though I was supposed to have everything last week Wednesday, it took them until this morning to get it right. The disorganization of the whole thing and ability for each person in the chain to pass the buck along really pissed me off. Corporate society seems to thrive on no one in particular taking blame for anything but everyone wanting credit for the good stuff.

The process of unpacking is interesting. Looking through boxes of stuff and wondering how I’ve gathered all this crap. If I can get beyond my genetic need to be a pack rat, I want to chuck out tons of the older junk to streamline my stuff. Useless clothes that don’t fit or are really damn ugly, knick-knacks, receipts, shitty artwork, broken bits of whatever. All of it needs to go.

Talking to friends on Sunday was a good way to get caught up on what everyone’s doing. Hearing people’s plans for the future and how they’re growing up was neat. It reminded me of how lucky I am to be doing something that interests me. It also made me glad I’ve found some nice people out here as well. Looking at some of my Newsletters from last year, it looked like I’d never have a social life. In a weird way, it’s spring cleaning in my room and in my brain.

That’s it for this time. Just a short note to let you all know I’m still chugging along.

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