Zubby Newsletter – July 14, 2001

It’s just me and the cat here.

My cousin Lisa left early this afternoon and Gala’s gone on vacation to Seattle until Thursday night. It’s the first time I’ve been at the apartment alone for more than a few hours. It’s a strange feeling, with pangs of loneliness thrown in for good measure.

I’ve been so overloaded with having people around me at school and at home that I can hardly believe that there’s no one else here to share time with.

Showing Lisa around Calgary was quite fun. We rented a car last weekend and headed out to Banff and Lake Louise for some hiking. Every time I head up there I’m amazed at the beauty of the scenery around me. One look around the mountains and thousands of trees and you’re awestruck by the power of nature all around you.

The great thing about that was also that I got tons of photos. Actually, I’m gonna have tons of photos all the time now. I finally bought myself a digital camera. It completely kicks ass! High quality photos instantly that I can easily download to my machine. It’s a great tool for reference and, of course, showing you all my adventures more so than ever before.

I was worried we wouldn’t have enough to do to fill her time here, but it worked out okay. Exploring during the day, taking it easy in the evenings. Watching some movies, playing some cards, just visiting and talking.

Wednesday we went to check out the Final Fantasy movie. I had read some brutal reviews of it and went in expecting the worst. Actually, it was pretty good. Some of the acting was stiff and the dialogue was cliché ridden, but it was visually stunning and had a nice ending. In fact, I thought the ending saved it from being Hollywood typical and was quite pleased with that. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re searching for some summertime entertainment.

Yesterday, Lisa and I went to the Stampede grounds. This is the first time I’ve ever been to the actual Stampede. I’ve always avoided it because of the prevailing “Yeehaw” attitude and country music. “So” you say, “what’s the verdict?”

Stampede is, for the most part, a lot like The Ex in Toronto on steroids. More country stuff and cowboy hats, but all the same types of rides and food stands. Overpriced and too many kids just like The Ex, but with the added bonus of horseshit on the ground for you to step in if you’re not careful. It wasn’t all bad, mind you, just not my type of thing. I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to go on my own. Having someone else to explore it with made it worthwhile.

But that’s all done now and it’s just me and the cat. Weird.

I know that originally I was intending to go solo on this apartment thing. It’s strange now that I’m used to having Gala here. I wonder how much of a hermit I would have become if I would have gotten my own place.

I’m hoping to buckle down and get some personal art done in the next couple days as well as do some major cleaning around here.

That’s the week. Okay, time to stop vegging on the computer. I’ve been invited out for a beer tonight, so I should get cleaned up and ready. And chase the cat around the house…:)

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