My friend Miles is one of the only people outside of Image or the creative team that I’ve sent an advance reading PDF of the second issue of Skullkickers to, and he just posted up this quick review.

“This is Huang’s first professional comic gig—but you wouldn’t know that looking at this art. He draws more cleanly, more fluid and with better motion than most of Marvel or DC’s artist roster. Seriously, guys, this kid is putting a lot of career artists to shame.”

Without trying to sound cocky, I really do feel that issue two is stronger than issue one. The handful of people who have read both have unanimously come back with that assessment. If people are liking the first issue, and they seem to be so far, I hope they really dig in on #2.

Tonight I’m heading up to the Newstalk 1010 radio station here in town to record an interview with The Watchtower Podcast all about Skullkickers and other comic industry chatter. I’m really looking forward to it.

I can’t believe the first issue is out tomorrow. Surreal.

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