Skullkickers #1 in Stores TODAY!

I cannot believe we’re here. Skullkickers #1 is in comic shops today. Today!

I need to thank some very important people who have helped make this a reality. Please, join me in thanking…

Chris Stevens, the original Skullkickers artist, who designed the characters and blazed the trail for how it would look and feel with our Popgun stories. He’s also the man behind half the pencils on issue #1 and the eye-catching covers that have grabbed so much attention.

Edwin Huang, the new Skullkickers artist, for reigniting this book with his tireless efforts and amazing quality. I’m thrilled to be working with you on this series. You are a true professional.

Misty Coats, the Skullkickers colorist, whose moody palettes and clean animated-style rendering is exactly how I envisioned the book looking. You make great art even better.

Marshall Dillon, our brilliant letterer, who is jumping through hoops to letter this book while I throw him many a font-laden curve ball.

Tom Liu, for saving Misty’s soul with colour flats under the gun.

Saejin Oh and Joy Ang, for painting cover line art while the clock ticked.

Joe Keatinge, Mark Smith and Erik Larsen, for bringing us onboard with the original Popgun stories and encouraging me to pitch a series of these two mercenary lunkheads.

Eric Stephenson, for taking a chance on the Skullkickers series when it went from the back burner to the front just in time for the September Previews catalogue.

Betsy Gomez, Todd Martinez, Tyler Shainline and Vincent Kukua at Image for their help and encouragement.

Cory Casoni, whose enthusiasm for the book kept me going when I couldn’t see it.

Chris Butcher, Jerry Holkins, Howard Tayler, Ryan North, Rich Johnston and the many other people who reviewed the book in advance and helped spread the word that this is a fun series worth checking out.

Erik Ko, my boss at UDON and dear friend, who has been patient and supportive while I juggle this on top of everything else.

The love of my life, Stacy King, who built the Skullkickers website and whose love and support really does make all of this possible.

Thank you also to everyone who has helped promote, posted links, tweeted, talked to their local retailer and built momentum. You’ve given us the chance to do something we love and that is an incredibly wonderful thing.

Go read and enjoy!

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