I went to the college yesterday to do a presentation for high school students touring the college. Most of the high schools tours are pretty awful and the students seem to be there just so that they can get out of their regular classes. This group actually wanted to know things about animation and asked questions. It actually went quite well.

I gave them a tour of the animation wing, talked to them a bit about drawing and still-framed through part of What’s Opera, Doc? to show them how individual drawings mesh together to create motion.

There was some interesting interactions from the students… and a couple weird ones worth noting here so I don’t forget them:

Student: I heard from a friend that if you fail your first semester of college or university you have to pay an extra penalty fee to get back in.

Zubby: Not as far as I’m aware… I mean, other than having to pay your tuition over again, assuming you get back in.


Zubby: The great thing about these Looney Tune cartoons is how timeless they are. You focus on the fact they’re entertaining, not when they were created. Does anyone know what year ‘What’s Opera, Doc?’ first came out? It’s older than you think.

Different Student: Old… 1987?

Zubby: Nope. Old, old. You’re off by 30 years. 1957 actually.


Another Student: Is it true they took Bugs Bunny cartoons off TV because he’s running around naked?

Zubby: Uh……… no.

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