Thank you so much to everyone who posted or e-mailed about my New York trip going kaput. It was a harrowing day but things are slowly getting better.

Thursday night I stayed completely off my feet and chilled out, taking some pain killers and resting as much as possible.

I went to chiropractor/physio and my doctor there realigned my spine, initiating some of the most audible crunches either of us had ever heard. I awkwardly limped my way in and carefully walked my way out of his office. I’ll probably go back on Monday for another adjustment and to start planning an exercise regiment for strengthening the offending muscles.

Since then I’ve been resting a bunch but not so much that I let myself stiffen up. A couple friends have stopped by to help and my girlfriend took me out for dinner last night so I wouldn’t have to cook. Other people have called to check up on me and offer help as well. You guys and gals are incredible.

Work wise people are also being amazing. Our business contacts have been very understanding and we’ve set up a bunch of appointments for the coming week via phone conference. Our book buyer meetings are being shifted to the New York Book Fair happening in a few months. The literary agent I was set to meet with was also very reasonable and is going to take a look at my pitch package via mail so that we can talk about possibilities later this summer.

All in all, it could’ve been much worse. If we would’ve gone and I’d made the injury worse in New York I would’ve been really stuck and without even the comforts of home. I made the right decision, as hard as it is to imagine the comic book social going on without me lurking about.

When I posted my airport tale of woe on Thursday I figured most people wouldn’t even want to read through the sea of text I’d spit out. That so many did and responded to it really surprised me, honestly. You all kick incredible amounts of ass.

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