Thursday night my Uncle hosted a Boy’s Night of Poker, nachos, wings, pizza and beer. It was a nice change of pace.

Friday I spent almost the entire day working on signing/sketching pre-order copies of the book to get them sent out this week. After doing 80 book sketches my hand and wrist weren’t sore, just my neck from craning over the books as I drew. I hope people like them. My parents and grandmother were instrumental in getting envelopes labeled and stuffed – it was quite the little factory operation we had with envelopes and address lists strewn all over the living room of my grandma’s house.

Example of a sketch done on the first page
for a pre-order customer.

There’s a chance I won’t have enough copies to cover the launch party and all the pre-orders with this first batch of books that’s arrived, but more are coming in soooooon. If you want to pick your copy up before the launch party, the Beguiling comic store has advanced copies for sale this week. The regular Diamond distributed copies should be in stores soon, barring US customs snafus.

The rest of the weekend was surprisingly relaxing. With American Thanksgiving in full swing, all of Udon’s US clients were completely silent, giving us a chance to catch our breath. I’ve been playing some Wii (Zelda, Rayman and Wii Sports are so good!), cleaning up around the apartment and trying not to get wigged out about the impending book launch.

On a semi-related note I have a couple requests for people here reading my LJ:

1) If you’ve enjoyed the story online or after you get your copy of the book – please post any positive feedback to the new pre-order page for the book. Regular bookstores won’t be getting copies until February, but it’s important to build up positive buzz before then.

2) Does anyone want to start the Wikipedia page for Makeshift Miracle? I don’t know exactly how the site works and I don’t think a person is allowed to create it for their own work, so I’m hoping someone else can get that rolling. If that’s you, then I thank you heartily.

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