Internet was down ALL DAY, which made getting work done a pain.

I woke up with the slightly scratchy pre-cold throat, so I’m ODing on Vitamin C and soup to try and stop the sick before it really kicks in. After that crazy weekend, it makes sense that my body would rebel.

Anyways, enough blather… here’s the first peek at the Makeshift Miracle book:

Holy crap! It’s REAL. Hard to believe.

Matte finish on the cover, unbelievably sharp reproduction and lush colors (I know that’s hard to tell from a slightly blurry photo :P). I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better print of it. Erik is now understandably gonzo about using these printers for doing more Udon trade paperbacks, art books and special projects.

The main shipment is on its way, literally on the ‘slow boat from China’. As soon as they arrive, you’ll hear it from me loud and clear.

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