So damn happy right now.

The crazy Halloween Party and 2 wedding schedule was exhausting, but in the end it was really fun. Chris’ wedding last night was crazy-good with lots of dancing, socializing and celebrating. Most of the people there I’d never seen actually dressed to the nines, so that was a blast to witness as well.

My body ached when I woke up today, but considering the madness of the weekend it was actually way better than I thought it would be.

Then, when I finally started working this afternoon, Erik let me know that a Fex Ex package had arrived at the office containing a couple copies of the finished Makeshift Miracle book for us to check out. Well that got my ass in gear and I zipped up to check it out first hand.

The book looks GREAT! The paper quality, the reproduction and color – all of it. It looks better than I’d hoped it would, especially considering the art was originally done low rez for the web. It’ll take about a month for the full shipment to arrive from Hong Kong, but know that it is worth the wait.

I’m going to head into Oshawa at some point this week to finally tell my parents I have a book and give them the first copy. 🙂

Photos of the book and more Jimbo ramblings when I get home from the office tonight.

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