This is one of those days where I attack my e-mail in-box with gusto and try to reply to everyone who’s been waiting for correspondence with me.

Other things on the go:

– I’m working on the last chapter of Makeshift finally. It’s looking good, but the extra time I’ve had to put into it is nuts. If it wasn’t for me I’d be cursing this project up and down for the time involved. 😛

– Saw Little Miss Sunshine on Monday. It’s GREAT. Very funny, character-driven and touching. One of the best movies I’ve seen in the theater in a long time. Go see it. Do it.

– Rewatching some Black Adder lately. It’s still great after all these years.

– I need to purge excess copies of RPG books that I’ve accumulated while working at Udon. Too much stuff. I remember when Ramon was giving away Palladium books by the bagful soon after I met him. At the time I wondered how he could just huck away all that stuff for cheap/free… now I understand. It takes over shelves and just piles up every where. The collection takes over.

I’ll post a list up here soon and either ebay them in lots (like 8-10 Exalted 1st ed books as a block) or just offer them up for flat fees. If you’re a friend of mine in town and want some stuff for uber-cheap, that’s cool too – you can just come pick up things instead of the hassle of shipping it somewhere.

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