Zubby Newsletter – May 10, 2000

It’s May in Calgary. Four days ago we were sweltering in the heat and shorts wouldn’t have been out of the question. Today it’s snowing. Snowing in May. It just makes today even more surreal.

Things are going okay. The only annoyance in my life right now is that my computer was infected with a virus (not that ILOVEYOU one) and wouldn’t boot up. Looks like I’ll be installing from scratch. Not very pleasing. I just had my home machine where I wanted it and now I’ve gotta reinstall everything. Lame. So, if I ask for confirmation of your ICQ number again, bare with me.

In a positive light, it made me realize how dependent I’ve been on my computer as of late. Spending time with friends, playing board games instead of video games and getting out has actually been a bit liberating.

My classes are going well. The new class actually has me quite excited. I think it’s going to work out great. They’re a pretty driven bunch. In other school news, the Big Breakfast (think of it like Good Morning America, just local Calgary style) will be filming the animation department at the school on Tuesday May 23rd and I’ll be drawing a little animation sequence of the host (Jebb Fink) while the cameras are rolling. It should be nerve wracking, but fun.

The vacation thing is looking less and less likely right now. Money’s gotten tight with a lot of little expenses creeping up and tons of work to do. I may not even be able to take vacation time off this summer at all. If it is does end up that way, many of you should plan your vacations out west 🙂

Seriously, I’ll help “sponsor” wonderful people to come visit me and while you’re here you can look for jobs and decide that Calgary’s your kind of city and then everything will be perfect (oops, I was thinking out loud again). Honestly though, let me know if any of you want to venture west this summer and I’ll help you plan it.

Oh yeah, saw Gladiator. It was quite good. I went in with no expectations and was satisfied with a solid movie. If you go and watch it, I think you’ll be impressed with it.

Otherwise, everyone take care. I’m thinking of you guys and dashing through zany adventures out here as always. Next week I should have an e-mail describing my strange and twisted birthday celebration. I’m sure it’ll be memorable.

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