Zubby Newsletter – May 1, 2000

A couple of solid weeks have passed and it’s May. I can’t believe I’ve been back in Calgary for 5 months already. It’s actually pretty stunning when I think about it. Spring/Summer is finally hitting us now and the sunshine and warmth are great! The nice thing about Calgary is the sun stays up forever. Last night it was 9:00 and the sun was just going down. Happy weather 🙂

With it being Spring and all, it’s appropriate that I finally let everyone know something. I’m dating someone.

“OH MY GOSH!” you gasp! “Jim doesn’t DATE people! He just gripes about never meeting women! In fact, several of his ex-girlfriends are on this e-mail list and they breathed a collective sigh of relief when he left Ontario again.” 🙂

True, true, but against all odds, I’m seeing someone and it’s going great. I didn’t want to jump the gun and announce this prematurely as it would probably blow up in my face, but it’s been several weeks and I’m feeling pretty damn good about it. Now you all know 🙂

Oh, you want some information ABOUT her? Geez, you guys are demanding…

Her name’s Tanya and although I’ve known her for a bit, it’s safe to say that this was pretty unexpected. I’ll post a photo eventually. It’s hard describing someone over e-mail. She’s a 27 year old gal from BC who’s about the same height as me with short cut brunette hair (currently with blonde highlights in the ‘do), a killer smile and nice curves (how do I say that without sounding perverted? oh well…). She’s energetic, fun and what the hell…she likes comics, animation and Strongbow.

The only thing I figure is wrong is that she must have vision problems, because she’s with me and hasn’t realized what a freak I am 🙂

So far so good. I’ve just got to make sure I stay on my toes. All this good fortune in the last couple of months will make me soft if I don’t watch it. It’s been quite a paradigm shift since early December.

Speaking of paradigm shift, I finally saw Fight Club last week. I had been meaning to check it out when it was in theatres, but just never found the time. I wish I had seen it on the big screen. It’s great. It’s not a movie for everyone, but I loved it. It’s very, very violent, but with really compelling characters and a strong message. I was totally impressed.

The new Computer Animation class started last week. I’m teaching them classical animation principles 2 days a week. This added to the night course I’m pushing for will make work pretty insane, but I’m actually looking forward to it.

I was planning to attend the San Diego Comic Con in late July this year, but now I just don’t know. I think I’ll have the money (it’ll be a little tight, but I can pull it off). I just think July will be hectic and the stress of this little jaunt down to San Diego by myself could be more hellish than fun. I want to do it, but I can’t get it through my head whether I should look at this as a business opportunity or just go to have fun. Is it worth it? I don’t know. I’ve got to decide before my birthday as the pre sign up ends right around then anyways. That gives me about 2 weeks-ish. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Mind you, if I don’t go to San Diego, I could use my holidays to visit Ontario. It’s a tough choice. My amazing friends and family or the unknown convention. Both are pretty magnetic.

Other than that, look for more artwork on my personal website soon. I’ve got stuff, but no time to scan and post it. I’ll try to get to it this week. I hope you guys like what you see on there now. I’m pretty pleased with the last crop of life drawing I posted.

And that’s my world as of May 1st. I hope everybody’s doing well and that you this e-mail makes you happy or at least gets you thinking about me. Even if that thought is “Dammit Jim, e-mail me personally instead of your ego-inflating newsletter.” 🙂

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