Zubby Newsletter – May 26, 2000

Crazy, crazy week. I had originally planned to e-mail everyone Tuesday and let them know how my birthday went, but this week has been just ballistic. Even though it was a short week with Holiday Monday, it felt longer than usual.

Birthday festivities went great. Friday night was a wild night out at the bars drinking and socializing with friends. We had a peanut fight with one of the nearby tables and generally caused trouble everywhere we went. It was a great turn out and definitely made up for the blandness of my birthday last year.

The rest of the weekend was relaxing. I took a little time to reflect on the year and where I was at this time last year. It’s been quite the journey…the ups and downs that have taken me to this point were crazy, and I’m sure there will be more. But, overall I’m strangely content with everything around me. It’s been a long time coming.

Monday heralded a great phone call from my good friend Glenn. It has begun 🙂 Glenn’s coming out to Calgary in less than a week to party possibly look for a job! Follow his wise example! Come see me in Calgary! STAY in Calgary! Okay, I’ll calm down with the salesman approach. Nonetheless, it’s gonna be great having him around, temporarily or permanent-like.

Tuesday morning I was up at 4am to get ready for the TV appearance at A-Channel here in Calgary. Unfortunately, they rescheduled and I was at the school for nothing. It made the day excruciatingly long. Yesterday, I did it again and this time everything went smoothly. I drew on camera and hung out with Jebb Fink, one of the A-Channel’s morning hosts. It was pretty fun. Of course teaching until 5:30pm made the day stupidly long, but it was a great day.

Wednesday was hanging out and seeing Disney’s Dinosaur. I hated it. Nice visuals but boring, cliché and crappy story made it unbearable. I was not impressed at all. The most depressing part is that Disney’s thrown 10’s of millions into advertising, so it’ll make hordes of cash. The entertainment industry scares me some times. It doesn’t matter if you have a great film like Iron Giant, it only matters that you have product tie in at McDonald’s like Dinosaur.

Otherwise, school has been amazing, the weather’s nice and everything is going great for me. Nothing really to complain about (strange, isn’t it?). I hope you’re all healthy and happy. I’m staying out of most trouble, but still finding adventure along the way.

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