Today’s mini-painting is all done. I really attacked this one with gusto, sketching fast and picking colors almost at random until I felt I had something working and fun. In the end it turned out as a freckley goblin kid, heh.

The whole piece took about 45-50 minutes from initial drawing to posting here. I like his eyes and sheepish grin.

– The under sketch where I figured out proportion and stuff was done lightly with non-photo blue Col-Erase. You can actually still see it in the scan. Sometimes I’ll erase it, but this time I left it in for the heck of it.
– The sketch line art was then done over top with a red Col-Erase.
– Scanned in at 300 dpi.
– Base tones and colors slammed down in Painter 6.1 with the Simple Watercolor brush.
– Highlights and fine blending done on a layer above the base tones with the Smeary Round brush.
– Color correction and sig added in Photoshop.

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