Last night was amusing.

My friend Chris’ boss Jean-Pierre was in town and he invited us down to his room at the Renaissance Hotel (which is connected to the Sky Dome) to watch the Jays play the Tigers. I’m not normally a sports fan in any way, but it actually turned out quite cool.

Jean’s room was facing inwards towards the ball diamond with a giant bay window we could open up to hear the game and the crowd. From a perfect 2nd deck view out in left field we watched the game while sitting on comfy chairs with tons of space, making it better than even a private box seat. We turned on the room TV to the same game so we could hear the stats and play-by-play as we watched. Every time a strong play happened there was an awesome roar of the crowd that echoed into the hotel room.

Although the Jays were losing 5-2 for most of the game, they kicked ass in the eighth inning bringing in 8 runs and winning it 10-5. It was awesome eating pizza and drinking in comfort while we watched them bring in run after run right before our eyes. Very nifty.

Afterwards we met up with my friend Sarah for her birthday celebration. Althought we relaxed at Jeremiah Bullfrog’s for a while, we eventually ended up at a lounge I’d never heard of before called Laide. Inside was a classy bar layout with a giant screen off to one side showing turn of the century porno. Needless to say, our great-grandparents were just as sex crazed, dirty and depraved as we are in the 21st century – they just hid it a bit better.

We drank some martinis, hung out and eventually called it a night around 3am.

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