Zubby Newsletter – February 1, 2000

Finally moved in to my new place.

We actually got the keys early, so my roommate and I had several days to bring all of his stuff over. It made the whole move relatively painless.

Although the majority of my stuff doesn’t arrive from Toronto until later this week, I’m actually settling in pretty quick. It’s a good feeling. I can’t wait until I set up my studio and draw more often in the evenings.

As far as the weekend went, we were supposed to go to the local art house theatre Friday night and see Monty Python and The Holy Grail at midnight, but the person organizing the whole thing messed it up and we went to the pub to get drunk instead.

And scariest of all, I bought groceries and cooked last night. Those of you that know my school meals or eating habits from Aurenya know that I used to eat restaurant food like it was all 5 food groups. Unbelievably, I’m breaking myself of this habit (but I’ll still head out for the occasional sushi). I cooked for myself and it was damn good.

So, I guess this e-mail’s short but simple. I’m slowly getting a social life, work has been great and the new house is looking good, too.

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