Zubby Newsletter – January 20, 2000

I could feel myself getting miserably sick yesterday. I was insanely tired, my mouth was drying out and my joints were sore. According to everyone around the school, I was due for that nasty flu that’s been incapacitating people.

Today, I’m healthy again. I wouldn’t run a marathon, but I’m doing much better. And it’s all because of Mike and his crazy Chinese cures. I’ll explain…

I’ve been staying at several different places until I move into the new house. One of them is the head instructor of the school. When I was at Mike’s place yesterday, he gave me some of these Chinese herbal pills that he swears by. They look kind of like little yellow candies or something. When Mike explained to me that he goes to a Chinese herbal doctor in addition to his regular doctor, I couldn’t help but visualize some old shop like in Gremlins or something. I told Mike I’d probably have “Chinese Dragon nightmares” screaming and performing martial arts maneuvers in my sleep. Anyways… took the pills, feel better today, end of story.

I’ve been doing Life Drawing in the evening once or twice a week since I got back. Although it’s been painful getting back into it, I’m glad I’m doing it. The results have been slow and I’m still not where I was when I left Sheridan, but the progress is not bad, all things considered.

I’m hoping to get back to where I was soon and then push beyond with more practice. I guess Werner (my old Life Drawing teacher) would be pleased. I know too many people who stopped Life Drawing after they got out of school.

Otherwise, things are good. I’m excited about moving in to the new place and setting up all my crap. With the money I’m saving by having easy access to the transit system instead of buying a car, I’m planning to buy a kick-ass computer.

I can’t believe January will be wrapping up soon. The daylight’s getting longer here and I can’t wait until summer.

That’s all for now.

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